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Welcome to Coulee Veterinary Clinic, Where Pets are Family.

We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services for small animals in Lethbridge & surrounding areas! Our mission is the create an atmosphere for your pet to feel secure, cared for, and treated with respect during every veterinary visit. To achieve this, we will demonstrate empathy and listen to your concerns, while always striving to provide professional and quality veterinary care. We will tailor our approach to each patient, to best suit his or her medical needs, and will always give recommendations appropriate to the patients’ best interest

  • We will practice with integrity by providing honesty and recommending only the appropriate choices for your pets;
  • Our hospital will take pride in our employees and value their contributions and ideas. We will support them to achieve their full potential and treat them fairly and with respect;
  • We will always provide open communication and build trust with clients about their pets;
  • We value giving back to the community and charitable support – we will work with local rescue centers, collaborating with them on how to help them the best;
  • We will encourage a “small town” atmosphere and the feeling of welcome, friendliness, and family in all aspects of our customer service. 
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Our Core Values:


We believe in providing a reliable and honest service. We practice open communication with our clients of the most accurate information in a timely manner. We will always listen carefully to our clients and answer any questions or concerns to the best of our abilities. We always seek ways to improve our services to better serve our patients and clients' needs.

Family Centered

Family is very important to us as a team and we understand that our patients are part of our clients’ families. Our motto is “Where pets are family”, and we truly stand behind our statement. We promise to take care of our patients with utmost respect, love and compassion while they are in our care. We will treat them as if they were our own pets. Our clients can trust that their pets are in good hands.


We love what we do and it shows through our work. We truly believe in our team’s capability in providing the best possible care for our patients. We share utmost joy when a patient recovers from an injury or illness. We are so proud to be part of our patients continued health and we will continue to be a crucial resource for our clients in patient wellness and education. We maintain the belief that every patient should be treated with love and compassion whether they come to our hospital for a short visit or have a longer hospital stay. We want to make them feel at home as much as possible and welcome our clients to be part of and informed of their pets’ recovery every step of the way.

Community centered

We want to be part of building and strengthening our community as a whole. We are a locally owned veterinary hospital with “old fashioned” friendly staff, we are neighbors, pet parents with families of our own. Our goal is to help build our community and make it stronger. We will work alongside local rescue groups and animal adoption agencies in making sure that we do our part in helping the homeless pets in our community.

Exceptional Professionalism

We are a group of highly trained veterinary professionals with many years of experience. We pride ourselves on always providing a consistently friendly and dependable service to our patients and their families. This is a core expectation of our team that we guarantee to our clients and our patients.


We are confident that we are the “dream team”. We hand choose only friendly, trustworthy, compassionate, competent, hard working veterinary professionals to join our team. We use our collective skills to work together to provide optimal customer service and veterinary care for pet owners and their beloved pets. We ensure that our staff continues to gain knowledge and skills in new technologies and advancements in veterinary medicine to better serve our patients and clients needs.